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Weapons Offenses are serious and some come with mandatory prison sentences. If you have been charged with Weapons Offenses you need a Criminal Defense Attorney to help prepare your Defense. Weapons are not just guns. A deadly Weapon is defined very broadly and includes Weapons such as box cutters, tear gas, keys, or a car or your own fist if used to harm someone. Gun or Weapon Charges are aggressively prosecuted. Most carry the prospect of Jail Time (or State Prison), expensive fines, and a Criminal Record that may make it difficult to obtain employment and housing. In general, a Weapons Offense is a Felony under Florida law, but possession of a Weapon can be charged as a Misdemeanor in some cases. The penalties will vary depending on a number of circumstances. What type of Weapon was involved? What was being done with the Weapon? Was the Weapon loaded and/or concealed? Does the defendant have a past Criminal Record? If you have been arrested for a Weapon or gun charge in Naples or Fort Myers call Mr. Moffitt. Having a Criminal Defense Attorney that has practiced in Naples and Fort Myers for over 20 years, he offers you the experience and knowledge that you are going to need to mount your Defense. Please call 239–298–6538 for a confidential free initial consultation.